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CitizenServices Says:


Dear Mommy,


File for LEGITIMATION to the Local Civil Registrar Office (LCRO) where the birth of the child is registered. The requirements for registration of Legitimation of illegitimate children are:

  • Certified True Copy of Certificate of Marriage,
  • Certified True Copy of the Certified of Live Birth of the Child,
  • Acknowledgement of Paternity (if not acknowledged in the COLB),
  • Affidavit of Legitimation executed by both parents w/c shall contain the ff. facts:
    1. Names of the parents,
    2. that at the time when the child as conceived, the aforesaid parents could have contracted marriage and subsequently contracted marriage,
    3. date & place when such marriage was solemnized,
    4. name of the officer who solemnized/officiated the marriage,
    5. city/municipality where such marriage was recorded,
    6. name of the child to be legitimated, and other facts of birth,
    7. date & place where the birth of child was registered, and
    8. the manner by w/c the child was acknowledged by the parents w/c may be in the child’s record of birth, in a will, a statement before a court of record, or in any authentic writing (not required for illegitimate children born on or after August 1988).

Repatriation and the oath of allegiance to the constitution & the Philippine Government shall be filed in the CRO of the city municipality where the instrument was executed. However, if the Philippine citizenship is re-acquired by naturalization, the order of the court granting citizenship shall be recorded in the Register of Court Decrees/Orders following the rules of registration of court decrees.


  1. Submission & Review of Required Documents
    Submit the required documents to CRO staff, who will review the submitted documents for annotation & registration.
  2. Payment of Fees
    Proceed to the City Treasurer’s Office for the payment of requisite fees.
  3. Record of Request
    Present your Official Receipt to the CRO staff who will record the request to the logbook.
  4. Registration of Legal Instrument/Annotation to the Affected
    Civil Registry Record CRO staff enters the legal instrument to the Registry Book, and annotates it to the affected record.
  5. Preparation of Annotated Record
    CRO Staff prepares the annotated civil registry record.
  6. Release of Documents EIC releases the document to the client.