Who Are Qualified for Solo Parent Benefits?

A woman who gives birth as a result of rape and other crimes against chastity even without a final conviction of the offender, provided, that the mother keeps and raises the child.

Our government provides support and living assistance to qualified solo parents to help them make ends meet for their family. Solo parents could either be men or women that are left by their spouses or partners on their own to raise their children.

Similar to the privileges granted senior citizens and persons with disabilities, a solo parent must qualify for the said benefits. We shall feature all 10 qualifications that will help you determine if you are eligible for the Solo Parent Benefits granted by the government.

The first qualification is if a woman gives birth as a result of rape and other crimes against chastity. This shall, of course, be supported by the necessary police and investigation reports but primarily, the mother must have custody of the child and must be able to prove that she is the one supporting of her son/daughter.


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