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Printing your Application Form if applied through the call center

After acquiring an appointment schedule through the call center, just follow these steps to print your application form:

  1. Log-on to
  2. You will be asked to answer a reCaptcha, after answering the reCaptcha test you will be redirected to another page.
  3. You will be asked for your Reference Number, Print Code, Birthday, Last Name, First Name and Middle Name. (In the event that you forgot your reference number and/or print code just call DFA Passport Appointment System (02) 737-1000 every Mondays to Saturdays from 8:00am to 5:00pm)
  4. After submitting your details, you will be taken to your application form which is in .pdf file format. You will need a pdf reader such as Foxit Reader or Adobe Reader to view these pages.
  5. You may choose to print it or save it for later printing. Please use standard long size bond paper (8.5in x 13in) when printing.
  6. Check if all your details are correct. Do not sign the form, you will sign it in the presence of a DFA officer in the processing window. Bring it on the date of your appointment to DFA-OCA.

Oops, I applied through the website.

Review your requirements:

Requirements in English.

Call (02) 737-1111 for your NSO Birth Certificate or log-on to

NSO Birth Certificate Delivery (02) 737-1111

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