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Dear Mommy,

  1. When the birth occurred in a hospital or clinic or in a similar institution, the administrator thereof shall be responsible for causing the registration of such birth. However, it shall be the attendant at birth who shall certify to the facts of birth,
  2. When the birth did not occur in a hospital or clinic or in a similar institution, the physician, nurse, midwife, or anybody who attended the delivery of the child shall be responsible both in certifying the facts of birth and causing the registration of such birth.
  3. In default of the hospital/ clinic administrator or attendant at birth, either or both parents of the child shall cause the registration of the birth.

    It shall be the duty of the person concerned to accomplish and send four (4) copies of the Certificate of Live Birth to the civil registrar for registration. After registration, the civil registrar shall distribute copies of the document bearing the civil registry number within five (5) days from receipt thereto as follows:

    1. First copy to the registrant,
    2. Second copy to the Civil Registrar-General,
    3. Third copy to be retained in the file of the city/ municipal civil registrar,
    4. Fourth copy to the attendant at birth or the hospital/ clinic administrator as the case may be.

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